Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mark Achler - redbox

Today Gigs at Startups is interviewing
Mark Achler - VP Redbox

Name: Mark Achler
Company: Redbox
Role: VP

What is redbox?
Redbox is a national network of over 20,000 kiosks located in prominent retail stores (like Walmart, Walgreen's, McDonald's, most grocery stores) that rent DVD movies for $1 per night.

Why did you start redbox?
Gee, I wish I did. Actually Gregg Kaplan was the original founder of the company while he was in strategic development at McDonalds.

What is the best thing about working at redbox?
Redbox is completely disrupting the movie industry. It's growing at over 50% year over year. But most importantly our customers love us. We bring a lot of joy into people's lives each and every day.

What kind of people are best suited to work at startups?
Well, you have to be a little crazy. I look for passion, great communication skills, street smarts, integrity and a little bit of fearlessness and comfort with flying without a safety net. Did I mention passion?

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